A downloadable project for Windows and macOS

publisher's note

I know Minecraft was made a long time ago, but I still offer the option to play it on a .jar file.


let's go to a place, where everything is made of blocks.

let's go, wherever you want to go.

climb the tallest mountains,

journey on the dangerous caves of monsters,

invent a new machine,

take a ride on a roller coaster,

travel to islands,

the plains,

jungles and their temples,

deserts and their pyramids,

build a shelter,

day or night,

rain or shine,

fight off the dangerous of the night.

Build your community.

We know what you can or cannot do.

Build anything in your imagination.

This adventure... It's up to you.

Made by Notch and Mojang.

amazing news

Minecraft is getting awesome updates as they did it today

It's version 1.28!

They have now added their first battle minigame you can join and make!!!!!!!

ITS REALLY GONNA BE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D:D:D

Install instructions


Step 1. Download or buy Minecraft on minecraft.net or mineshafter.net

step 2: That minecraft you downloaded has its own launcher by default. So you may want to install Mineshafter launcher.jar, then click the .jar file you installed from this page or click the one you installed from minecraft.net.

Now it works!

Happy Minecrafting!

if you see problems trying to run Minecraft, this means you need a good version for the video controller driver(Graphics Card) from a driver updating software.


Mineshafter-launcher.jar 361 kB