A downloadable game

ReTrO,a very complex platformer

You might have saw a game just like this.

But this is made with Stencyl.


<- and -> to move.

Up to jump (also for double jumping on air).

Down to crouch(can also do this while moving).

Made as a flash player game(.swf file).

The updates I'm working on are in development. :)

Just takes time using stencyl for them to get done and ready.

Install instructions


No software or app required, just comes with a .swf file:)

If you have bugs encountered or ideas for the update, I accept your support by email free without money. Just contact me by email:


And also when it says "Which app would you like to use with .swf files?" click "Adobe Flash Player" and click "Always use this app to open .swf files" Now click "OK" and you got your game!

Happy Platforming!


ReTrO.swf 737 kB